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Teacher's Day 2002

Celebrated teacher's day.
Did not went back to Primary school

The whole celebration was kinda different from past years.
Many groups sang and dance.
Saw many ex-assumptionites.
Today was Mrs Judy Ang's last day, she's abt to retire.
We had a hug.
I really like her, she's knowledgeable.
How i'm gonna miss her.

Mrs Helena Chan and Ms Ong wore the blouses that 2/3-01' bought for her.
They look great in it.
Shared a hug with Mrs Chan too.
I think she really appreciates.
I'm not saying Ms Ong doesn't.
I think we're sweet enough...ha.
Mrs Anna Chan brought her son, maybe adopted son...thats wad ppl say.
His name is Kenneth Chan...haha. There's one in my class...
Mrs Chan once mention.
He was soooo cute.
So erm...not very like her.
But u could see that Mrs chan really dotes on him.

TOmorrow having a game of badminton with friends.
had one last saturaday.
with mrs helena chan...nice.
juZ wanna sweat out.
have a nice game...
but i dun have a racket.
mine juZ damaged after last week.
I'll try borrowing.
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