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Not every 'why' has an answer to it.

Long time since i'm here.
Cindy, so you're still reading my journal...thanks.
Hope everything turns out well enough for you.

Got back our PPR(Pupils Progress Report), according to the PPR, taking the MSG, L1R4 was 15...still not very good.
I actually failed my E maths, i swear i'll get back, at least a 70 pointer. Anna Chan is quite...good as a teacher. But she just can't manage to get out attention. Tons failed E maths, i presume.
I expect alot from myself this year, a pass will not sastify me. Because when i fail a test or wadeva, its like letting the whole world down, letting parents down, letting those teachers who have put in so much effort in teaching, and lastly, letting yourself down. But when i don't put in effort, naturally, i don't expect alot.

Saw Mr Ang, Glenn Ang. on monday. He still comes back once in awhile, i think its something about the sch. Seeing him reminds me of the great times i was having with my classmates of 1/3 and 2/3. I really dislike my secondary 3 life. Stressed up, heavy workload, coping with new and detestable classmates. I'm always comparing my present class with my past class, i know its not very nice of me to do so, but i really can't help it. Sec 1 and 2's "class-life" was far too flawless for me.
I remember, how Mr Ang cared for our class, always telling us to be strong mentally, so when he results were released during mid-year 2001, that was his last day, he gave us a 'good-bye' speech. Everything around made the whole class sad, felt like crying, but still, we were mentally strong for him. In this class(2/3), girls were always the first piority of everything, most of the guys were gentlemen, girls were always protected, we had a strong bond right there, being united in wadeva we do, we built up positive relationships between each of us. Maybe because of Mr Ang, tears don't drop easily for many of us.
Ya...during my sec 1 and 2 life, maybe was the start, when i finally knew how to like someone, the first crush maybe. So it holds plently of memories.
Not all beautiful, but i won't want to mention those sad ones.
Still, sec 1 and 2's life was quite exciting, many things took place. I miss those days. Very much.

I hope -results will be satisfying.
-when i'm 23 years old, many of my closest friends will be
around me.
Wish me good luck, cuz i'll need that.
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