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exams ended. now its the holidays.
Went to hereen to catch a glimpse of Energy-the hottest boyband in chinese music industry presently.
They were in town for an autograph session for their album.
Yea... i did get their autograph.
They're hot...
Kunda gave it a miss due to exams... sHu.wEi rocKs~
i'm so into them at the moment... but i'll get over it... cuZ 5566's album coming out.

Having another bbq gathering on the 30th of this month..
a KTV session to celebrate one of my friends b-daY on the 2nd of December...
Dunno wassup with my life... i'm wasting it away...
gotta enjoy now... b4 next year comes...
next year will be revising for my GCE's
lucks to me.

Veronica's baby bro from France is really cute...
Benjamin... but i prefer Nicholas... he has a striking resemblence to JOSH HARTNETT...
got a photo of benjamin and me... nicE~

Veron's mum invited us to try out her cooking... nicE~~~
esp the potato... dunno wad its called... wadeVa
I love potatoes....

p.s: ENERGY rockS~~~
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