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I think things have gone terribly wrong for me.

To start with anything, Nurul rang me up early in the morning, and really shouted. She said i told her the wrong time for reporting to school... but i dun blame her, i also sent the wrong info. But it still isn't that nice to hear someone going on at u so early in the morning... whoA.

And then, i was in the restroom, naturally, i had to put my bag and books outside the cubicle. But when i was about to leave the restroom, my TYS was gone. I wasn't in a fluster or wad, but was thinking who would want to steal(or take) aa TYS, much worse in the toilet...wad is the world coming to?

I failed my E. Maths specimen paper, to top it off, really badly. How would u consider a 24 over 60 grade? Bad, bad, bad.

Went to collect the flag day tins and stickers of which they call flags. Then had a 2 and a half hour Maths paper. Couldn't do much. Damn. Prob gonna fail again.

I dun think i'm even allowed to go to ChelZ b-day party...Aw...
Because when my mum invited me to another party that i didn't wanna go, i gave the excuse that i wad tired. Then now i suddenly asked about ChelZ party. Obviously she won't allow... *Both b-day parties are for Michelle(s).
And i'm gonna miss everything...
ChelZ only invited 2/3 ppl, so think it should be something like a gathering.
I wanna go... everybody's going...

Great ain't it.
I hate the day.
Well...things are still going on.
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