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[cHeRyL-sHeReLLe]'s Journal

Sunday, April 6, 2003






WangRenFuZax's website.

Friday, March 14, 2003

6:20PM - "never Ask a baRb3r |f u nEeD a ha|rcuT"

common test for the whole week... and its finally over...
kinda relax but i knoe i shouldn't feel so...
guess i'm dropping A maths afterall.... banking on Accounts.
i need the A/c grades... Business Admin is my number one choice if i qualify for poly... i will right?
plus i'm having last minute tuition... hope it helps...
gotta wait a week then i'll get my common test results...
not much confidence in the Sciences and A maths...but i'm dropping iT...

my life seems to be in a mess... i mean i feel weird... i think the recent O's reults did scare me... i'm scared...
social life suCks... can't take any interest in guys... the whole results, homework thing is overtaking me.... but then again... he's always the one... four years already... never knew could like someone for so long... keep it up.

Ronan kEatinG fEaT LulU : We'vE g0t t0n|gHt

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

5:14PM - BeeN a lonG timE~

hi ppl... dunno if anybody sees this...

was looking at the last entry of mine and think its pretty funny... forget about ENERGY... i'm into 5566... ha~
probably going to their concert over here in April... mum's coming too... she loveS them. yEa~r3n Fu~
i think i'm quite into boybands... but i really think 5566 has the "thing"... i'm definitely with them if anyone pits them against other bands like say, F4... who wouldn't?
Thinking of going to SHE/PowerStation's concert too... also in April... but i can't fork out the cash.

Valentine's Day juz passed... bought gifts for close frens... hope theY likE iT. Had extra Accounts lessons on V.day... thought was gonna be bad... but its still ok. Thinking of dropping A.maths(once mentioned) or Accounts... but registration for Os starting soon... make up mind soon....
Initially it was A.maths... but now, after failing for the first time by 1 mark for my last accounts test, and finding differentiation quite easy to handle... it changes... so maybe not dropping any. Ms Lee and Mrs Koor said NO~

Another thing to fret about would be... wad do i wanna do after Os? Poly or JC? If i get into JC, it would be the sake of getting into U later on in life... If i really get into Poly... the first course i wanna take would be Business Adminstration in SP... tourism management, retail management, human resource management... interesting...

Enough for today...

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

7:19PM - yeA~

exams ended. now its the holidays.
Went to hereen to catch a glimpse of Energy-the hottest boyband in chinese music industry presently.
They were in town for an autograph session for their album.
Yea... i did get their autograph.
They're hot...
Kunda gave it a miss due to exams... sHu.wEi rocKs~
i'm so into them at the moment... but i'll get over it... cuZ 5566's album coming out.

Having another bbq gathering on the 30th of this month..
a KTV session to celebrate one of my friends b-daY on the 2nd of December...
Dunno wassup with my life... i'm wasting it away...
gotta enjoy now... b4 next year comes...
next year will be revising for my GCE's
lucks to me.

Veronica's baby bro from France is really cute...
Benjamin... but i prefer Nicholas... he has a striking resemblence to JOSH HARTNETT...
got a photo of benjamin and me... nicE~

Veron's mum invited us to try out her cooking... nicE~~~
esp the potato... dunno wad its called... wadeVa
I love potatoes....

p.s: ENERGY rockS~~~

Friday, October 11, 2002


Exams approaching the end.
Think i'm not in a very good state to pass my exams...
and its worrying
Bet i'm flunking A maths.
Ms Lee is absoulutely haunting me... i am so terrified of A maths.

On the 19th of this month, think a bbq thingy is gonna be held.
Sounds very nice...

Good luck.~

Friday, September 27, 2002


Exams are next week.
Anna chan came back yesterday with a doll-like hair cut, it freak most of us out...

Can't really do A maths... thinking of dropping it.
School ends on Nov 1...
Way long.

heard from the news that from 30 Sept onwards, ppl who have to make their ICs, wun have to get their blood tested...i wonder if its true, cuZ if its true, i'm overjoyed.
Keeping my fingers crossed...

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

6:04PM - ......

Exams are approaching and i have not get anything started...
wads gonna become of me?
I really dun feel like studying...i mean not in the mood...
I think i'll probably try my best...

Nothing much to say since i'm going through the same routine everyday... and i totally suck in wadeva i attempt to do...

I thought i had a kinda high self-esteem, was confident...but its slipping away. I cannot bring out that kinda of confidence... and the worst part is, i dun understand why is that so. I'm definitely not in some kind of major problem...

*If i am only here to watch u as u suffer, i'll let u down.

Friday, September 20, 2002


What Planet Are You From?

this quiz was made by The Autist Formerly Known As Tim

Abit of a dark mood today...

Friday, September 13, 2002


Got back PPR yesterday. Didn't do too good...
Failed E. Maths.
Surprisingly passed my science...
English and Accounts got a 6...
so bad....

Have to work extra hard if not things will not get any better...
Three more weeks to final year. Hope i can get better

Dunno wad i'm writting also...
forget it lar.


Friday, September 6, 2002

7:06PM - "gReaT"

I think things have gone terribly wrong for me.

To start with anything, Nurul rang me up early in the morning, and really shouted. She said i told her the wrong time for reporting to school... but i dun blame her, i also sent the wrong info. But it still isn't that nice to hear someone going on at u so early in the morning... whoA.

And then, i was in the restroom, naturally, i had to put my bag and books outside the cubicle. But when i was about to leave the restroom, my TYS was gone. I wasn't in a fluster or wad, but was thinking who would want to steal(or take) aa TYS, much worse in the toilet...wad is the world coming to?

I failed my E. Maths specimen paper, to top it off, really badly. How would u consider a 24 over 60 grade? Bad, bad, bad.

Went to collect the flag day tins and stickers of which they call flags. Then had a 2 and a half hour Maths paper. Couldn't do much. Damn. Prob gonna fail again.

I dun think i'm even allowed to go to ChelZ b-day party...Aw...
Because when my mum invited me to another party that i didn't wanna go, i gave the excuse that i wad tired. Then now i suddenly asked about ChelZ party. Obviously she won't allow... *Both b-day parties are for Michelle(s).
And i'm gonna miss everything...
ChelZ only invited 2/3 ppl, so think it should be something like a gathering.
I wanna go... everybody's going...

Great ain't it.
I hate the day.
Well...things are still going on.

Current mood: depressed

Wednesday, September 4, 2002


Feels really good today.
have no idea wassup.
Juz feel happy

Yan jing and veron were over at my house today,
Played pokka...
we had a real laugh.
Something like girl's gathering...
But the number's not up.



Another onE

The Band Quiz By Rahel

7:47PM - QuiZ~

What number are you?

Take the quiz here!

* Saw this at gay_boys community...
interesting though.
thought it should be nice...

Friday, August 30, 2002

2:42PM - Teacher's Day 2002

Celebrated teacher's day.
Did not went back to Primary school

The whole celebration was kinda different from past years.
Many groups sang and dance.
Saw many ex-assumptionites.
Today was Mrs Judy Ang's last day, she's abt to retire.
We had a hug.
I really like her, she's knowledgeable.
How i'm gonna miss her.

Mrs Helena Chan and Ms Ong wore the blouses that 2/3-01' bought for her.
They look great in it.
Shared a hug with Mrs Chan too.
I think she really appreciates.
I'm not saying Ms Ong doesn't.
I think we're sweet enough...ha.
Mrs Anna Chan brought her son, maybe adopted son...thats wad ppl say.
His name is Kenneth Chan...haha. There's one in my class...
Mrs Chan once mention.
He was soooo cute.
So erm...not very like her.
But u could see that Mrs chan really dotes on him.

TOmorrow having a game of badminton with friends.
had one last saturaday.
with mrs helena chan...nice.
juZ wanna sweat out.
have a nice game...
but i dun have a racket.
mine juZ damaged after last week.
I'll try borrowing.

Current mood: happy

Friday, July 19, 2002


Anna Chan's going to be away for about two weeks.
operation on her hand i think.

World cup has ended...
but it hasn't died in me...
i'm still gaga over players and those superb goals...
i'm ranting on...
Italy is my favourite team...bla bla bla
i like italy, england, turkey, spain, germany.
There's this one player i really really adore.
Rio Ferdinand...set my eyes on him since england's first match.
Michael owen's cute and cool
Francesco Totti...
Fernando Morientes...
Christoph Metzelder...
They juZ simply...take my breath away...
They look great on pitch...
Its wonderful.

To gals:*No guy is worth your tears, and if one is, he wouldn't make you cry.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

5:43PM - hey there

HEy everybody.
I haven't got back my report book...
but i know the results of cuZ....
bad bad bad...
failed two subjects...
A maths and science.

I'm taking it really easy...and i dunno why.
Some kind of wrong thinking...

Now's holiday.
Nothing to do.
Got science IRA and need to go for A maths consultation.

Got a question here...
Wad's life up to?

P.S* When i wanna change alot of things, then i realise alot of things can't be change.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

4:00PM - Not every 'why' has an answer to it.

Long time since i'm here.
Cindy, so you're still reading my journal...thanks.
Hope everything turns out well enough for you.

Got back our PPR(Pupils Progress Report), according to the PPR, taking the MSG, L1R4 was 15...still not very good.
I actually failed my E maths, i swear i'll get back, at least a 70 pointer. Anna Chan is quite...good as a teacher. But she just can't manage to get out attention. Tons failed E maths, i presume.
I expect alot from myself this year, a pass will not sastify me. Because when i fail a test or wadeva, its like letting the whole world down, letting parents down, letting those teachers who have put in so much effort in teaching, and lastly, letting yourself down. But when i don't put in effort, naturally, i don't expect alot.

Saw Mr Ang, Glenn Ang. on monday. He still comes back once in awhile, i think its something about the sch. Seeing him reminds me of the great times i was having with my classmates of 1/3 and 2/3. I really dislike my secondary 3 life. Stressed up, heavy workload, coping with new and detestable classmates. I'm always comparing my present class with my past class, i know its not very nice of me to do so, but i really can't help it. Sec 1 and 2's "class-life" was far too flawless for me.
I remember, how Mr Ang cared for our class, always telling us to be strong mentally, so when he results were released during mid-year 2001, that was his last day, he gave us a 'good-bye' speech. Everything around made the whole class sad, felt like crying, but still, we were mentally strong for him. In this class(2/3), girls were always the first piority of everything, most of the guys were gentlemen, girls were always protected, we had a strong bond right there, being united in wadeva we do, we built up positive relationships between each of us. Maybe because of Mr Ang, tears don't drop easily for many of us.
Ya...during my sec 1 and 2 life, maybe was the start, when i finally knew how to like someone, the first crush maybe. So it holds plently of memories.
Not all beautiful, but i won't want to mention those sad ones.
Still, sec 1 and 2's life was quite exciting, many things took place. I miss those days. Very much.

I hope -results will be satisfying.
-when i'm 23 years old, many of my closest friends will be
around me.
Wish me good luck, cuz i'll need that.

Friday, March 8, 2002


so sian
so long nv talk to him
anna chan give us so much hw...
got A maths, chem, history...
dunno how
tue darren bday...
dunno he going holiday anot
maybe we having bbq...

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